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Siracusa - a trip to remember

I always wanted to travel to Sicily by boat, a medium size boat I mean not a passenger liner and when the opportunity came some two weeks ago I immediately accepted, but also froze.

I love the sea and anything to do with the sea, boats, sailing, snorkelling, diving, fishing etc., but I also have a deep respect towards this massive liquid body and sometimes also a bit of fear. I learnt from one of my diving instructors that there is nothing wrong to be afraid, "sometimes if you are not slightly scared that will be the beginning of your demise", he used to say. 
So what I was scared of? Well for starters I was given the task to get familiar with the GPS system, of which I knew nothing about and to learn how to use it to navigate to the desired port and that in itself was quite a responsibility. Next was the fact that I was going to be with two other people (my father and my brother in law to be), whom although I know quite well, I had never spent so much time and in such clos…

Sea Rescue

Yesterday I witnessed for the first time a sea rescue by Helicopter. A 7 year old girl who had developed critical complications after the boat she was on sunk off Mellieha in Malta. More details about this unfortunate incident here.

Although I do not know who the people on the stricken boat were I would really like to thank all the people involved in the rescue.... THANK YOU! You do an amazing job and sometime we lack to even show appreciation for all the great efforts you do on a daily basis!!

Here is a short clip of yesterday's rescue - I apologise for the quality but it was taken using my cell phone on another boat and zoomed in (stupidly enough), but surely it shows the great bravery of the people performing the rescue! Thanks again!

Helicopter leaving scene with girl on board