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Spaghetti Bolognese anyone?

Although the feeling at the moment is predominantly based on India and I have been cooking some Indian Dishes like Chicken Korma and Onion Bhaji lately (kind of to get me back into the Indian way of food), today we decided to do some simple, but always delicious Spaghetti Bolognese!

There are a hundred and one ways how to do your spaghetti bolognese, but this is the way we do it and the way we like it ...... home made style :)

• Get yourself some good quality Spaghetti, Italian brands for me are the preferred!
• Add water in a pot, add salt and a drop of olive oil and get the bugger to a boil.

• Until the water is getting to a boil chop some onions & garlic and prepare your minced beef (please make sure its not frozen like a brick else it get clumpy!).

• Put some olive oil in a pan and push up the heat! When this is ready sizzle those onions and garlic and you may add two chillies for some added punch! When the onions are starting to brown (not burn!) add the minced beef and get …

The quit smoking saga

I have to admit - after writing the previous post about quitting smoking I had a relapse and I am smoking again. Honestly I can understand how I can be so weak, its just a roll of paper with tabacco inside!! Yes it might be the nicotine or anything else they put inside, but I couldn't take the craving away. Guess the only way to do it is to go to the desert for a week, no cigarettes and stay there like that if I freak out I just have the sand and some creatures to endure my nagging! Well we wait and see....

Quitting Smoking...... Not easy......At all!!

Finally I decided to quite smoking and I can say upfront its not easy at all! Its not the fact of the nicotine deficiency that bothers me as the cravings are there but I can get over them - its the actual habit of having those 5 minutes on your own (or in company) of a cigarette.

In fact, strangely enough I ended up thinking "what will I do when I am watching TV? When I am waiting for someone?" Guess the "habit" is more that of using the cigarette as something to do and an excuse to walk out of the office for those 5 minutes.

Coffee seems to help to get you off the craving minute, but I guess its more a question of will power. Honestly I really want to do this and I bet there are many of you out there that are making it their daily goal to stop smoking altogether - I do understand your struggle - its not easy but its not impossible since a lot did it so guess we can too!

These are some help sites you can use maybe - but I believe the only one that can help is your…

Steps forward - it all happens through your phone!

Well seems that it's really the phone era and with every second I actually believe there is no doubt about it.

Some time ago we were simply amazed that we could text one another, then simply flabbergasted that we could send a photo via mms - now nothing seems special anymore as everything is happening through our phones.

In the past days I actually tried an app called twonky beam. It's a simple app which enables you to watch movies from YouTube, Vimeo and other online video channels on your tv via your tv netbox. I found myself, with my girlfriend stuck on the sofa for an hour watching YouTube clips we had already watched, but which we thought looked really cool on a 42 inch screen.

And that is just one of the many things we can do with our phones and many a time simply take for-granted. Like writing this blog for instance! It wasn't done on a pc but on an iPhone and surely this I couldn't do with my Nokia 5100 or whatever it was - with it's green light screen …

Siracusa - a trip to remember

I always wanted to travel to Sicily by boat, a medium size boat I mean not a passenger liner and when the opportunity came some two weeks ago I immediately accepted, but also froze.

I love the sea and anything to do with the sea, boats, sailing, snorkelling, diving, fishing etc., but I also have a deep respect towards this massive liquid body and sometimes also a bit of fear. I learnt from one of my diving instructors that there is nothing wrong to be afraid, "sometimes if you are not slightly scared that will be the beginning of your demise", he used to say. 
So what I was scared of? Well for starters I was given the task to get familiar with the GPS system, of which I knew nothing about and to learn how to use it to navigate to the desired port and that in itself was quite a responsibility. Next was the fact that I was going to be with two other people (my father and my brother in law to be), whom although I know quite well, I had never spent so much time and in such clos…

Sea Rescue

Yesterday I witnessed for the first time a sea rescue by Helicopter. A 7 year old girl who had developed critical complications after the boat she was on sunk off Mellieha in Malta. More details about this unfortunate incident here.

Although I do not know who the people on the stricken boat were I would really like to thank all the people involved in the rescue.... THANK YOU! You do an amazing job and sometime we lack to even show appreciation for all the great efforts you do on a daily basis!!

Here is a short clip of yesterday's rescue - I apologise for the quality but it was taken using my cell phone on another boat and zoomed in (stupidly enough), but surely it shows the great bravery of the people performing the rescue! Thanks again!

Helicopter leaving scene with girl on board 

Istanbul - a real Turkish Delight

Honestly Turkey was never at a high place on my traveling wish list, but when the opportunity came to visit Istanbul for a few days I went with it. With every place one is going to visit for the first time come the stereotypes - the suggestions from friends and family who visited the country before. Take the advise and trash their fears! People seem to have an obsession with making people Fear a place and then say "but overall it's nice and interesting". Thank you I say with my new list of "what can go wrong" items. The taxi driver will con you or fiddle with the meter, the people are not nice and unfriendly, the hotels are small and filthy etc etc.

Well on arrival at Istanbul's international airport we were greeted with quite an organised and very clear arrivals lounge. Got through passport control (which I suggest you have the Visa organised before arrival in Istanbul so that you don't waste time waiting to have the documents done there) and got our l…

New site for artist Alfred Camilleri

Finally managed to find the time to finish my dad's website - a gallery of his Limestone sculpture works. The link is - let me know what you think :)