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Goodbyes are hard, but as you used to say "life goes on & we need to face it with a smile"

As it all began it finished. One initial breath made you cry for the first time 88 years ago and announced to the world your birth. Surely little did you know that you would do so much in your life, you were just a simple girl, helping your mum, playing in the streets of mdina and busy growing up. Yes you grew up fast, you had to. Those were the times when kids had to grow and be useful and you grew up to be a beautiful and great woman.

You never had it easy. Life did send hardships your way, but you always were strong and tackled life with a strong will and a sweet smile, the same smile you kept sharing with me every time I came to see you these last few weeks. You never lied to me and whenever I was wrong you showed me your disapproval bluntly and always gave me the reason why and for that I thank you as you gave me a value I will treasure with me throughout time.

I will never forget how many times you sat down listening to me blabbering about something you didn't even underst…