Friday, May 6, 2011

Varanasi continued

I am writing this quite sometime after I have been to Varanasi but I guess even if years pass I will still remember everything and every detail of it.

I remember the first early morning boat ride, which although it looks like being a tourist trap still offers a fantastic first glimpse of what life is near the Ganga. The lights, the colours, the scents and smells - all are imprinted in my mind or shall I say my heart.

I gladly remember the first rickshaw ride from the hotel to the ghats and the lazy walks up and down the river banks, turning down hand massages, enduring the endless call of "hello boat ride" and admiring the relentless and skilful washers and the guys cremating the dead.

I clearly remember the row of people begging on the steps leading down to the ghat and the colours of lord shiva on the column right when you walk down towards the river. I remember all, I do, but I simply wish to be there again and I am sure you will too if you're lucky to go to holy Varanasi.

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