Monday, February 21, 2011

Pushkar - day 10

The holy city. Here I don't want to offend anyone but unfortunately the impression this small city gives is of not holy at all! The city revolves around the holy lake which is the main attraction only that you can only walk around it barefoot (which is ok)

On arrival we went to the centre and there the fake priests started to appear with flower petals for us to throw in the lake. Obviously we didn't accept any since on acceptance you will be asked for money for blessing so we avoided these unholy beings.

The roads around the lake have been transformed into a Market place with fabric vendors, clothes vendors, incense and perfume whallas etc - this ain't a bad thing at all if you are there for just the souvenir shopping but we must say the place is filthy! Also the strangest looking people there are not the sadus or babas ( which you can't say who is true and who is fake!) but it was the tourists - the place seemed like the revival of the hippy movement gone 21st century.

After a drink we headed Back to our hotel and on the way saw a strange scene of a baby monkey adopted by a pig! It's a must see so we will upload the video later!

Our hotel (heritage Pushkar) was great with clean rooms and a great garden. That eve we met Alex, a german fellow traveller and made plans to meet at the mountain temple early the next day.

At 6am we were out and our driver took us to the foot of the mountain. Alex's driver told us the climb was of about 300 steps but for us seemed more than 3000 but after a 20 min or more climb we reached the temple to be greeted by our german friend who was already relaxing awaiting sunrise.

Some chai made the experience of watching the sun appear from behind the mountains an unforgettable one and I must say from up there Pushkar looks nice and the temple there, although very simple and not highly decorated for me was one of the most peaceful places I have been to so far and yes that place is holy no doubt about it!

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