Monday, February 14, 2011

Jodpur - days 6 & 7

Arriving in Jodpur's centre feels like you arrived in a mega Market place. The two gates that enclose the clock tower in the middle encircle a bustle Market in which you can find anything - literally anything!! From veg to clothes, to incense and spices, jewellery to welders and instrument fixers. At first it can be a bit too much to handle but after a while you settle in and absorb the colours, sounds and scents (which in some corners can be awful) and you start to enjoy it.

We popped by to a known spice shop (MV Spices - be careful of the many imitations of their brand) but unfortunately a group of about 30 French tourists flocked in the tiny shop like sheep and we had no other option then to leave and plan to go back the next day since the constant hum of "c'e Bon" was a bit too much to handle for me.

That evening we enjoyed dinner with our spanish friends we had met on the trip who were also at our hotel and enjoyed the view of the lit up fort (note at 915pm sharp they switch the lights off so take your photos earlier!) After dinner then headed to bed only to be greeted by some bugs lurking in the room.

The next day we complained and the hotel staff was very apologetic about the incident and promised to changed our room whilst We went to visit the fort.

You can reach the fort on foot from the centre so no need for tuk tuk or car but be prepared for a steep hill - well the view is great so stop on the way and enjoy the view of try a chat with the locals (or the goats that are a common sight)

The fort itself is nice to visit and the audio guide included with the entrance fee is great with an amazing array of information. One interesting thing was the flying fox experience you can do at the fort - we got interested but when the helpful staff showed us the actual rope sites we backed off - too scared of heights to do it!!

After the fort we walked down to the centre again and went back to MV spices - this time we enjoyed a nice masala chai with the owner and after testing some of her fab mixes bought a selection and headed off to the Market. Here we tasted a lassi to die for next to the south gate of the Market and walked over 3km and risked life and limb to reach Agra sweets for some local delicacies which unfortunately we didn't like so much. On way back hunger took it best and although I was sceptic we tried an omelette sandwich at the omelette man - well he has 36 years experience making omelettes and this shows they are amazing and we ordered another before finishing our first! It's a must be place!

The hotel did change our room and yes they gave us a fantastic room and it shows it was a genuine mistake so we happily thanked them and transferred our stuff to our new (snazzy) room!

Luckily in front of our hotel we had Gucci Internet cafe and thus we checked emails (the wifi here is super fast!) and then headed to dinner preparing for an early eve to be ready for Udaipur on the next day.

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