Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bikaner - day 3

Before arriving in Bikaner a must see is the rat temple! Yes there are rats here but it's totally safe and for a tip the shoe minder actually provides you with fabric feet covers (leather not allowed in Hindu temples so mind your belts!!) which are good to avoid the rat poo.

The temple is small and very much frequented by devotees. Obviously the weird attraction are the milk bowls from which hundreds of rats congregate to drink from.

When we arrived in Bikaner we went straight to the fort which is the main attraction of this city. The red fort is impressive architecture wise, but not something I wouldn't live without.

After the temple we popped by a local artist specialising in miniature art with fab details and who (to show off his skill) even painted a small scene on Daphne's finger nail! Well we got ourselves a small elephant painting on camel bone (camel bone is derived from camels after their natural death).

Hunger took over and our driver suggested a street shop from where we took great Samosas and jeelebis - ultra yummy!!

The eve was then quite with a dinner in a local haveli and early bed to be ready for the trip ahead to Jaisalmer.

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