Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3rd day - Delhi old and new!

This third day went quite well - we started off by visiting a great temple Lakshmi Narayan - great architecture, amazing statues of Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesh and lots more. Was a wonderful peaceful 40min and the people there were great! Even the security - they treated us great and even for a donation they gave us a spiritual guide which is amazing.

Then it way old Delhi time - the red fort with it's vast area and red brick buildings quite impressive but nothing special (when compared to other places). After visiting the fort we went on a cycle rickshaw for a tour of chandi chowk. When we upload the videos of this ride I will place the link here as it's simply unexplainable in words!!

After that we went to Gandhi Smitri the cremation sight of Gandhi. This is a simple but great place - I feel it's a great memorial for a great person like Gandhi - the world needs more people like this little great man!!

Then hunger took the better and following loads of locals (who were visiting the memorial) we ventured to a simple Indian veg restaurant in the car park - great talhi and just 166 rupees with extra roti and large water ;) yummy!

Bellies full we made our way to the lotus temple as we heard so much about this place. Well obviously we had to remove our shoes but we requested to take them in with us - the guard said yes but a totally freaked out young idiot (obviously over happy to be given a badge) told us that we cannot go in with our shoes in a sac - I asked him if he was ready to pay if the shoes got stolen (which is pretty common in places like this) and the idiot simply laughed - all the people who were supposed to help simply laughed - so seems that when you get a place and try to make it a hub for religions together you simply get idiots - so we simply moved off and screw the lotus!

With hatred towards the lotus still brewing in me (love how that sounds!) we went to Qutab Minar - here the first thing that greets you is the huge minaret which at first seems a simple tower, but on closer inspection one can see so much engravings and reliefs it's breathtaking! The ruins and other buildings around the place are great too and at least was a great way to relax - although nothing beats the end of day chai tea to put the actual fullstop to your day!

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Location:Maharana Pratap Rd,New Delhi,India

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