Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Suicide terror attack in Moscow Airport ....cowardly act?

Whenever I hear the words Suicide Bomber I tend to disagree with the term - suicide is something someone does when they are fed up of their lives or there is nothing else to do..... Is this the case with these people? I ask this since as far as I know these people do this act so that they get attention or they try to change something for others, their community, their race etc etc. Couldn't they do something else which they can live to see the effects of it all or are they too afraid to see the aftermath of an explosion and they prefer being the first to die in it?

I personally think that yes there are loads of people with difficulties in the world and some resort to extreme ways to get the media attention, but this is so NOT the way! I know a lot of you agree with me on this point, but I think we have a tendency of just condemning these people and don't take the time to try to understand what they are going through.

This morning I found this video on digg.com and was quite impressed with the whole happenings of the events. You start realizing that the places you feel most safe are in fact the worst places to be! What about public gardens, squares, train station - are these safe?? I guess we humans simply forgot the whole concept of life and we are too obscured by money, careers, races, religions etc Simply imagine our cousins the animals (in general) had these things - wow the world would simply be a constant fight!! But no animals live quite in harmony - they do feed on each other - but in a natural way and they don't bite more than they can actually chew!

I really would love to understand more - why no one seems to want peace!? Why everything is such a competition!? Why no one helps each other!? And then what we end up killing innocent people in the process - (in which could be that the suicide bombers themselves could be innocent and they arrive to doing the act after years of brainwashing - I can never tell and thus won't point fingers at these people as they are still human beings - although their actions go totally against our values and morals).

I sincerely hope that the injured in this bad incident do get better and condolences to the families of those that lost their lives in this act of violence.

You can read more about the incident on bbc.co.uk

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