Monday, January 31, 2011

2nd morning in India

So I have to be totally honest - yesterday when we arrived in India the only thing that went ok was the guy meeting us at the airport to take us to the hotel and the hotel room itself which although not much was clean.

In the afternoon tried to go out here in Karol Bagh area only to be scammed by a rickshaw driver who took us to 4 different "tourist offices" at least we didn't move from his rickshaw and he was quite pissed off.

After speaking with the hotels guy in the eve he made us feel a bit more relaxed and showed us the way (on foot) to the actual Market - a street bustling with people selling virtually anything but was great! Well not risking food till now so ended eating KFC what a shame!

Before bed the last hurdle was to be surpassed - taking a shower - well look at the spacecraft style of shower we got here it's something not to take lightly!! But hey it works and has got hot water so I won't complain ;)

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Location:Maharana Pratap Rd,New Delhi,India

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