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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - 7 - The Campsites

If you are a weathered adventure seeker or a total outdoors junkie, then this will be a breeze for your, but for someone like me, who loves the outdoors, training and exploring, but was kinda stuck in a bit of too much of a comfort zone, then its a different story.

My camping experience and knowledge before doing Kilimanjaro was down to, well, zero - so this was going to be an entirely new experience for me and I must say it was one of the scariest, obviously since it was an unknown factor.

What I can say is that its not that bad. If you go with a good and reputable company, the camps are usually very good quality and one thing I noticed is that the porters assigned to you and your tent mate (unless you decide to stay solo), will do their best to place your tent in the best and the flattest place possible. The latter is very important, since a rock under your back is not a nice feeling when you're trying to get some rest!

In my case we had rental sleeping bags (top tip: take a sl…

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