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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - 6 - Weather & Clothing - what to expect

Before embarking on the feat to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, I had read a lot about it, watched videos and listened to the experiences of other "Kilimanjaro Challenge" Participants who had done it before me. What I can conclude is that ever experience is different and mine was different from theirs too!

Here I will mention things which are generic situations and tips & tricks, which normally everyone will feel and experience, but for the rest it will be your personal experience when climbing that will make your adventure unique and completely yours.

I will start with the Weather and the clothing approach for the climb

The Weather. 
The mountain has its own weather system, so weather actually is kind of unpredictable, but there are some typical patterns including :

Start (jungle area)
Hot / Humid / Wet, but turns colder when reaching higher altitude (towards Machame Camp)

Mid Section camps
Still can be very warm (remember you will be walking), but turns nippy quickly and might …

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