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Morocco Mount Toubkal Climb - Day 2

Day 2 started with early breakfast from the always faithful Abdullah and also met Stewart and Simon who made part of the team we were going to be in.
At 7am the van came to pick us up and we left for a mini Marrakech tour to pick up other team members, 7 Portughes, 2 girls from London and a Croatian living in Germany with a fantastic character! This done we headed for the 2hr drive to Imlil.
On arrival at Imlil we met Ibrahim and Hussein who were going to be our guides. They checked if we needed any extra gear (which they can provide) and then asked us to leave our additional items so that they can be taken to the refuge by mule. Here was my first mistake - I thought I was light enough and Ibrahim made it a point that my pack was too much. I insisted it was fine, but clearly it wasn’t!!

We left towards the refuge which is an 18km trek, but Imlil standing at 1800m and the refuge at 3200m that’s an xxxm climb.
The initial part of the trek was actually pleasant through trees and running…