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Morocco - Mount Toubkal Climb - Day 1

Traveling alone has its benefits - you get to do things faster: checking in, getting through security, getting a drink and chilling smoking a cigarette and even if you are too early (which usually I am) no one is there to ask you why and you can simply read, answer mails or write a blog like I am doing now.
On the other hand, it has its learning curve and can also get boring sometimes. I love my me time, but it’s also great to have company and the ability to chat and share with like minded people.
Today I am in Marrakech and this is my first time in Morocco. I landed in Casablanca and for comfort sake I had pre booked a taxi to take me for the near 3 hour drive. I met Kamal just out of the terminal and was amazed by his great command of English, which he proudly (and don’t blame him) announced is self thought! It was a long drive but actually very pleasant with ongoing conversations about tourism, politics, culture and even touched on the sensitive subject of women drivers!!
Around 1…