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Driving in India - Seems like organised chaos - but it moves!!

Currently in Malta, traffic is becoming kind of .... unbearable! The so called "rush hour" has been extended to "congestion hours".

Although I am aware that the island is small and the amount of cars we have is incredible (that is each member of a family has a blessed car) and that the public transport is, well lets say, ermmm, not 100%, it always amazes me how a place like India with all the modes of transport available and amount of people can have an "Organised Chaos" on the streets, but still manage to move effectively.

Well the clip below is a 5 hour and a half drive from Delhi to Rishikesh, although the GoPro battery survived for only 2 continuos hours or simply got scared of the toll gates!

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Budapest - A pretty nice surprise!

Unfortunately I do take long to getting down to actually writing my blog, but at least here we are!

The idea of this blog is to help other travellers with our personal experiences of places we visit and to get the best out of it as much as possible.

At the end of February 2015, my wife and myself travelled for a holiday to Budapest. I have to be honest, I was a bit sceptic about the place at first and also since we were going there with a low cost airline (Wizz Air) of whom I had no knowledge whatsoever. But I must say - all this changed.

We arrived in Budapest in the evening and after meeting the taxi guy (pre booked via the hotel), we headed to the Carlton Hotel. The hotel seemed very nice and is situated on the Buda side a few meters away from the Chain Bridge (you will not see the Chain Bridge from the hotel!!). Happily just next to the hotel there was a Belgian Beer Cafe, where we indulged in a nice Hungarian platter and obviously Trappist and Belgian Speciality beers!

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