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Religion - why so much hassle?

I always had trouble with religion. I do understand that, the human race being so frail and fragile compared to all other animal species in the world, needed something to identify with, to believe in and why not, to blame or praise for the good things and bad things that happen. That's how religion was born.

Also I must say, the first 'religious' persons to come around must have been quite entrepreneurial as they created a job for themselves, gaining thrust and being revered as the 'servants' of the gods and gaining power and high rankings in any society embracing any type of religion.

I was born in Malta, a Roman Catholic country. When I was young religion was quite imposed on us kids, be it at home or in school. Religion was a daily chore and everyday I had to go to morning mass as an altar boy and in the eve after school have my religion lessons to prepare me for my communion and later my confirmation. To add insult to injury after dinner my parents used to ma…