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Quitting Smoking...... Not easy......At all!!

Finally I decided to quite smoking and I can say upfront its not easy at all! Its not the fact of the nicotine deficiency that bothers me as the cravings are there but I can get over them - its the actual habit of having those 5 minutes on your own (or in company) of a cigarette.

In fact, strangely enough I ended up thinking "what will I do when I am watching TV? When I am waiting for someone?" Guess the "habit" is more that of using the cigarette as something to do and an excuse to walk out of the office for those 5 minutes.

Coffee seems to help to get you off the craving minute, but I guess its more a question of will power. Honestly I really want to do this and I bet there are many of you out there that are making it their daily goal to stop smoking altogether - I do understand your struggle - its not easy but its not impossible since a lot did it so guess we can too!

These are some help sites you can use maybe - but I believe the only one that can help is your…

Steps forward - it all happens through your phone!

Well seems that it's really the phone era and with every second I actually believe there is no doubt about it.

Some time ago we were simply amazed that we could text one another, then simply flabbergasted that we could send a photo via mms - now nothing seems special anymore as everything is happening through our phones.

In the past days I actually tried an app called twonky beam. It's a simple app which enables you to watch movies from YouTube, Vimeo and other online video channels on your tv via your tv netbox. I found myself, with my girlfriend stuck on the sofa for an hour watching YouTube clips we had already watched, but which we thought looked really cool on a 42 inch screen.

And that is just one of the many things we can do with our phones and many a time simply take for-granted. Like writing this blog for instance! It wasn't done on a pc but on an iPhone and surely this I couldn't do with my Nokia 5100 or whatever it was - with it's green light screen …