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Istanbul - a real Turkish Delight

Honestly Turkey was never at a high place on my traveling wish list, but when the opportunity came to visit Istanbul for a few days I went with it. With every place one is going to visit for the first time come the stereotypes - the suggestions from friends and family who visited the country before. Take the advise and trash their fears! People seem to have an obsession with making people Fear a place and then say "but overall it's nice and interesting". Thank you I say with my new list of "what can go wrong" items. The taxi driver will con you or fiddle with the meter, the people are not nice and unfriendly, the hotels are small and filthy etc etc.

Well on arrival at Istanbul's international airport we were greeted with quite an organised and very clear arrivals lounge. Got through passport control (which I suggest you have the Visa organised before arrival in Istanbul so that you don't waste time waiting to have the documents done there) and got our l…