Monday, May 30, 2011

Tricks of life

Life sometimes plays silly tricks on us, or at least we think so, what we don't realise is that we bring those tricks about.

We are engulfed in what we are doing, what we are working on, what we are achieving or desperately would like to achieve, we totally forget about something important - Us!

I am writing this not to anyone or to lecture whoever reads it, but I am writing it to myself as it might help me know me better. For sometime I have forgot about who is the most important person in my life - I had forgotten myself. I realised I was basically the shadow of myself - a badly made copy with only harsh black powdery stains showing blurring my actual image.

So I decided to step back and look at me - and trim out what's not working, what's in the way and start living.

My days won't be any lighter, they won't be any more easy, they actually might get worse - so it's a reason more I should strive for me to be better and aim towards happiness, whatever that might be - at least it's concept I can feel.

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