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Kajuraho - day 15 & 16

The way from Orcha to Kajuraho is relatively short compared to other places so the ride was not as tiring, but on arrival at the hotel we found that were quite out of the city - this is a bit of a pain since you have to rely on your driver, but good as the hotels are much better than the ones found in the centre.

We checked in and went to the centre and after struggling a bit with the super pushy Vendors at the car parks we decided to eat a dosa at Madras Cafe - and what a dosa! This guy made the best dosa we had tasted till now! At least it was something to cherish.

After we went to visit the east temples which are not so famous since and well known as they are smaller and less known but still they are wonderful with loads of sculptures and surprisingly well kept! (plus you get in free :)

At the site of the last temple there is a nice small river pity that the vendors are also there and I even had one showing me the quality of a brass cup by hitting it next to my ear to check the res…