Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Orchaa - day 14

From the not so trilling Agra experience we headed to Orchaa and even the road started to look promising - green fields, rivers, trees - mmm this was looking interesting. We also passed through some small villages which appeared to be on the poorer side of what we have experienced up till now. Well seems that's the norm here but it's impressive that these people are more curious then just looking at you as a walking ATM.

We arrived in Orcha and found our hotel - well this was huge and comfy although again packed with nagging French groups - so we just dropped our bags and out we went.

We walked down to the river along with quite a large amount of people and when we got to the bridge we were told ( by some curious but nice locals ) that it was the Rama festival so a holi day as they say and the place was buzzing with pilgrims. That was cool with us so after some chill time near the river we went up towards the Rama temple. Here there was a local Market selling a lot of spiritual ornaments and items like flowers and sweets that are meant to be used as temple offerings!

After a stroll round the temple square and avoiding the babas and sadus who can become very pushy we went in the city centre and had drink. I was contemplating to get a shave from one of the barbers and Mishal barber shop actually seemed a good place so I did it the indian way and just went for it! Yes not only a shave but full head shave, face massage and head massage! I never felt so refreshed in my life - it's worth the trip down to India just get that treatment!!!

After this we went around the small village again and although I was getting a lot of attention due to my shiny White head we really enjoyed it in this small place pity we were staying for just one night!

The next day we got up early and went for chai in the square. Was a relaxed morning but it's highlight was when we saw a cow which had just given birth. The calf all wet and frail calling his mother and the farmer getting fresh hay to the tired new mum! It was an amazing sight and even the locals were showing their happiness and saying it's goodluck to see and the over smiling face of the farmer was simply uttering "baby baby" and that's what India is about - the simple things!

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