Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mandawa - day 1 & 2

After a long car ride from Delhi, passing through small farming villages, trucking stops and fields, we reached our first destination - Mandawa.

The first impression was of a small village engulfed in a Market style life and we weren't expecting much, until we parked in the hotel yard - a charming Haveli nicely decorated and a porter with a huge smile. Our room was fabulous and later found that they gave us the honeymoon suite which was a relief after our disaster of a hotel in Delhi.

The next day we went for a short trip to a neighbouring village which is jam packed with Havelis and to be honest after visiting one we decided not to go in any other anymore - well at 200r a pop it starts adding up no? ;)

Returning to Mandawa we actually visited a Haveli in which a family (caretakers of the Haveli itself) still lived. After the real adventure for us started for us - venturing in the old Market in the city. Here we met a great guy making camel leather shoes and after trying about a hundred pairs of different styles we made our purchase....which was shown appreciation with masala chai and a small camel leather gift! Rajasthan was already living up to it's name!

That eve we stayed at the hotel and we had dinner there and had a blast chatting with the staff namely Lallu, Prahland and some other three of whom names escape me now! These guys were adorable and I guess we made friends that I hope will stay forever. Will surely be back to this place as it took a part of me and gave me so much back.

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