Monday, February 21, 2011

Jaipur - day 11 & 12

After quite a long drive we reached Jaipur. This is the capital of Rajasthan and boasts over 3 million population. Our arrival was on a Sunday afternoon and we had no clue that a lot of shops were actually closed and there wasn't much to do! Eventually we went to eat something with our driver who to calm my nerves (since I felt this city was just a waste of time) took us to this great place (please note veg only) from were we tasted great parantas.

Nothing much happening we visited some shops and went to rest.

The next day we went to the Amber fort which seems to be the most important tourist attraction here since the queue was huge! Now here I had a dilemma - we had our own free elephant ride but I was sceptic of going since I love animals and I am against the use of such beautiful beasts for us stupid tourists. Anyways Daphne wanted to go so I accepted but half way through the ride she was of my same opinion. The large queue of elephants going up and down the fort was sickening and the state of some of the animals was alarming. Here I was doing something I will always regret! I am sorry and I apologise for being part of this thing! Honestly will never do it again ever and in my opinion the Amber fort is not even worth the visit ( that's why there are the elephants they are the attraction) but don't be fooled as we were! Don't use the elephants if there is no demand they will stop abusing these creatures!!

As already said we went up in the fort and on arrival the elephant driver was screaming for a tip (please note he had already kept 100 rupees for him self on the main charge). Not to start any argument and due to the large police presence we just got off the tired animal and tried to get our bearings in the fort. Well as said before not much to see!! The fort in Jodpur is by far more charming and amazing so we just decided to go for a stroll around the place and back down to our car.

From here we headed to the nearby village and we went to a government run shopping place with crafts and stuff. Here we decided to buy a carpet - too big to carry so this had to be delivered - well the biggest question is if it will ever arrive!! Let's wait and see!

After we went to the monkey temple which sits on a small hill. In the car park you will meet kids wanting to be your guides and peanut vendors screaming to get your attention. My suggestion would be - no need for guide as there is only one road up and you won't get lost plus all info about the sun temple is written on entrance to it - don't buy peanuts unless you want to get mugged by the monkeys!!

The temple is very simple and peaceful and it free - just leave a donation and don't mind the girl we found at the door ( if she is still there) who was asking us leave a minimum of x amount of rupees and then asking for "gift from your country". I understand its normal but please in a temple too!! Also on the way down you will meet some sadus that live on the hill - be reminded that taking photos of these people comes with a rupee request immediately after.

The day started to get cloudy and was getting quite late so we went eat and back
for early nite - next day Agra.

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