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Day 2 India - Dilli Haat and more

Well started off the day getting scammed again but this time a bit of my bad side came out and after screaming a bit to the rickshaw driver he took us to the right place. Finally we seem to have got ourselves a good deal and the people we met were helpful and seem honest (god help us).

We actually went a bit around to Dilli Haat a nice Market with crafts and food were we also tasted our first thali which actually was very good. The crafts on offer there are quite nice and it's a great place to visit for last stop souvenirs - but not now for us as the journey has just started.

After that we went to Hamuyan Tomb which is an architectural marvel and it's easy to realise from where the idea of the Taj came about! I think it's a must see (by the way there is an unexpected huge amount of squirrels playin around in the gardens too!!

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2nd morning in India

So I have to be totally honest - yesterday when we arrived in India the only thing that went ok was the guy meeting us at the airport to take us to the hotel and the hotel room itself which although not much was clean.

In the afternoon tried to go out here in Karol Bagh area only to be scammed by a rickshaw driver who took us to 4 different "tourist offices" at least we didn't move from his rickshaw and he was quite pissed off.

After speaking with the hotels guy in the eve he made us feel a bit more relaxed and showed us the way (on foot) to the actual Market - a street bustling with people selling virtually anything but was great! Well not risking food till now so ended eating KFC what a shame!

Before bed the last hurdle was to be surpassed - taking a shower - well look at the spacecraft style of shower we got here it's something not to take lightly!! But hey it works and has got hot water so I won't complain ;)

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And here we go!

Here we go on Emirates destination Dubai - 1st part of our journey to reach Delhi! This plane looks actually quite cool indeed :)

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Location:Triq L-Industrija,Kirkop,Malta

Final Preparations India...

So I am at the final preparations for India...... Well seems a lot of stuff but the majority is more "precaution" stuff - pills for any kind of ailment, mineral supplement sachets, cause everyone says poop is the order of the day, toilet paper again due the poop factor, adaptors and chargers for my cameras etc... well the works - I just hope I fit all in the backpack!

But I think the most important is the mental preparation - reading lonely planet sometimes makes you scared shitless, then at the end of a really scary article they write... "this doesn't mean you shouldn't visit this place" - what the hell you just scared the crap out of me!!!

Well I am taking a different approach to this - I just want to just pack and go tomorrow and live it and in the process try to update here to leave a mark of what's going on.

Suicide terror attack in Moscow Airport ....cowardly act?

Whenever I hear the words Suicide Bomber I tend to disagree with the term - suicide is something someone does when they are fed up of their lives or there is nothing else to do..... Is this the case with these people? I ask this since as far as I know these people do this act so that they get attention or they try to change something for others, their community, their race etc etc. Couldn't they do something else which they can live to see the effects of it all or are they too afraid to see the aftermath of an explosion and they prefer being the first to die in it?

I personally think that yes there are loads of people with difficulties in the world and some resort to extreme ways to get the media attention, but this is so NOT the way! I know a lot of you agree with me on this point, but I think we have a tendency of just condemning these people and don't take the time to try to understand what they are going through.

This morning I found this video on and was quite i…

Touch myself..... the song

This morning I heard this song on the radio - and the question comes naturally - what does she really mean with Touch Myself? Is it a metaphor or the real deal?

And it seems that its about the real deal! Take a look at  where there is a good in depth explanation about the Touching elements of the song! :)

Well I actually love this - why not express yourself openly and fully no? So from my end they get full points!!

So what about our life?

Our life is all full of "wants", "wishes", "hopes", "dreams"..... sometimes these are so strong (and for some real) that seems that some people loose the sense of reality. I am not saying it is wrong to do anything of these but look a bit around you, look at nature does anything else do that? Do dogs (just to give an example with just one animal) dream of having a new kennel or a new owner or simply dream of a nice juicy bone for dinner?

They don't! And that I think is simply because they have a purpose in life. Their purpose is living. Us humans on the other hand try to make the purpose, or simply strive to look for that purpose in life and I guess we simply miss the bigger picture, that our purpose is to live.

I say this because I do that all the time. My mind is constantly thinking, churning up new ideas, trying to create something new and getting pissed when I realize it's already been thought of. I sometimes find myself wasting a da…

Setting up this blog!

I decided to create a new blog so that I can freely share (as the title says) my thoughts, my travels and some of my tantrums and thats exactly what I am doing here now - the first post to get this going. It may not be so fascinating, but I think thats the great thing the internet is offering us nowadays - the ability to share - even the most ridiculous and stupid of things - which although we might think might not be so interesting for some might be amazing to read, or simply great to follow or even more a realization that someone else no matter how far or near feels or is experiencing similar moments in his or her life.

So here I ask you, do comment on the posts and leave feedback even if its negative it can be of help to me or someone else!